Ministerstvo školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu Slovenskej Republiky


Draft programme

3 April 2016 Welcome to Lillehammer

4 April 2016 Dialogue in the context of intercultural education

Getting an insight into the Norwegian school system and dialogue method within the intercultural education (lecture,workshop,discussion)

  • Presentation of the Nansen Academy and the educational activity, presentation of participants
  • School system in Norway
  • What is a good teacher?
  • What do we mean by intercultural competence? What does it mean to develop a dialogue culture?

5 – 6 April 2016 Multiculturalism in society and language barriers,intercultural education as main means of integration

Becoming acquainted with the school system and integration approaches, through visiting schools in Lillehammer and Oslo (seminar,pedagogical practice,discussion)

  • Introduction to the school system
  • Good practice in schools in Lillehammer and Oslo
  • Visit to the European Wergeland Center
  • Visit to the Holocaust Center.
  • Meeting with Norwegian experts in pedagogy

 7 April 2016 Good practice from Croatia – What can we learn from other projects?

Strengthening key competences of a teacher educating pupils in a multicultural environment (presentation,sharing experience,workshop,discussion)

  • Example of good practice from Croatia
  • Education of pupils from the Roma communities in the Slovak Republic
  • Role of a teacher in the educational process of pupils from the Roma communities
  • Key competences of a teacher in a multicultural environment

8 April 2016 From problems to solutions – The whole-school approach

Solving everyday problems in the educational process of pupils in a multicultural environment (workshop,discussion)

  • Strategies and problem solving in the educational process
  • Partnerships and whole-school approach
  • Positive school climate
  • School as an intercultural community

9 April 2016 Goodbye Lillehammer

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