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Together with Roma we will achieve more

Education of Roma, on Roma, for Roma

About the Project EEA GRANTS

The National Institute for Education accepted the predefined project Innovative education for primary school pedagogic employees aimed at increasing their intercultural competence in education of Roma pupils. The project is a part of the programme SK 04: Local and regional initiative for decreasing inequality among ethnic groups and for social inclusion support. The partner of the programme is the Council of Europe and it is administered by the Government Office of the Slovak Republic.

The project of National Institute for Education is co-financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the government budget of the Slovak Republic. The objective is to support the process of intercultural and inclusive education at schools by educating primary school teachers. Education and publications focus not only on the Romani language, culture and history of Roma but also on education methods that allow executing innovative pedagogic approaches appropriate to the needs and interests of pupils mainly from Roma communities. The total value for execution of this project is 421 859 EUR. Duration of the project is 28 months.

Project partner: Nansen Fredssenter / Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue, Lillehammer, Norway

Nansen Fredssenter / Nansen Center for Peace and Dialogue was established as a separate part of the Nansen Academy Foundation. The center supports actively intercultural and interethnic dialogue at regional and national level with the aim of contributing to reconciliation and peace building through various program activities, in particular within the educational area. Nansen Dialogue Network (NDN) is a network sharing its know-how and experience with local, national and international actors and partners to jointly support dialogue and peacebuilding processes around the world. One of the strategic objectives is to support inclusive and integrated education (both formal and informal) in multiethnic and multicultural societies.

Stages of project

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Updates about the project can be found at the National Institute for Education’s website: You can find more information at:,,


PhDr. Jozef Facuna, PhD. 
Project Manager