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The International scientific conference Together with Roma, we will achieve more - Jekhetane le romence Buter Kerah under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport, Juraj Draxler, took place in the Tatra hotel in Bratislava on 4 to 5 November 2015. The objective of the conference was to exchange the latest scientific knowledge and experience, and to formulate conclusions and practical recommendations for the development of an inclusive education through innovative approaches that respect the cultural diversity of children and pupils.

Given the subject matter and purpose of this conference the participants were representatives of the Royal Norwegian Embassy, ​​the Council of Europe, government institutions, universities, primary and secondary schools, non-governmental organizations from France, Belgium, Iceland, the Netherlands, Romania, Moldova, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The outcome of the international conference will be scientific proceedings published in Slovak and English.

This scientific conference was held within the project "Innovative education for teaching staff of primary schools to enhance their intercultural competences in education of Roma pupils", which is financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area and the state budget of the Slovak Republic.


Spolu s Rómami dosiahneme viac
Jekhetane le Romenca buter keraha
Together With Roma, We Will Achieve More
Under the auspices of the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic ‒ Juraj Draxler

Draft Programme

Date: 4 November ‒ 5 November 2015

Venue: Hotel Tatra, Námestie 1. mája 5, Bratislava


4 November 2015

08:00 Registration of Participants

08:45 Opening Ceremony

Host: PhDr. Jozef Facuna, PhD.

Conference Opening by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic ‒ Juraj Draxler, MA

Welcome Speech by the Director of the National Institute for Education ‒ Mgr. Petra Fridrichová, PhD.

Address by Her Excellency Inga Magistad, Royal Norwegian Ambassador to Slovakia

Speech by the Director General of the Section of Bilateral Financial Instruments, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic – Ing. Ján Krak

Speech by the Director of the Department of Concepts, Analysis and Regional Coordination, the Office of the Plenipotentiary of the Government for Roma Communities - Ing. Ján Hera

09:25 Intercultural Understanding Promoting Social Inclusion 

Host: PhDr. Jozef Facuna, PhD.

Larissa Kireeva, Council of Europe, Directorate General of Democratic Citizenship and Participation, Strasbourg, France

Calin Rus, PhD., Director of the Intercultural Institute Timisoara, Council of Europe Expert, Romania

Ion Duminica, PhD., Head of the Section “Ethnical Minorities”, Centre of Ethnology, Institute of the Cultural Heritage, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Moldova


10:25 Coffee Break

11:00 Innovative Methods Promoting the Development of Social Inclusion

Host: PhDr. Jozef Facuna, PhD.

Mgr. Eva Kicková, Mentor of a Tutorage Project, Museum of Romani Culture, Brno, Czech Republic

Aukje te Kaat, M.A.S., Research Manager for international programme Aflatoun, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Breki Karlsson, MSc, CEO of the Institute for Financial Literacy, Reykjavik, Iceland


12:00 Lunch

13:00 Past and Contemporary Education in the Romani Language and Culture

Host: Mgr. Igor André

Prof. PhDr. René Lužica, ArtD., Professor, Institute of Romani Studies, Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitra, Slovakia

PhDr. Ján Červenka, PhD., Head of Romani Studies, Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

PhDr. Adam Gejza, PhD., Head of Institute of the Blessed Z. Malla, St. Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences, Košice, Slovakia

Mgr. Irena Adamová, Director of Social and Pedagogical Academy, Košice, Slovakia

14:30 Coffee Break

15:00 Practical Examples of Teaching Methods at Primary and Secondary Schools

Host: Mgr. Igor André

Mgr. Eva Gašparová, Teacher, Social and Pedagogical Academy, Košice, Slovakia

Mgr. Anna Jurgovianová, Director of the Non-Governmental Organisation Biela voda, Kežmarok, Slovakia

Ing. Gabriela Radičová, Director of Private Conservatory of Music and Drama, Hnúšťa, Slovakia

Ing. Jana Tomová, Director of the Private Secondary Grammar School, Dolná 48/19, Kremnica, Slovakia

Mgr. Kristína Skočíková, Teacher, Primary School, Biskupická 21, Bratislava, Slovakia


17:30 Gala Reception


5 November 2015

08:45 Examples of Good Practice from the Graduates of Innovative Education “Intercultural Education at Primary Schools with Pupils from Roma Communities”

Host: Mgr. Barbora Vaněk

Mgr. Eleonóra Balogová, Primary School Teacher, Drahňov

Oľga Kováčová, Denisa Falťanová, Teachers, Primary School with nursery classes, Cinobaňa

Mgr. Yveta Zdechovanová, Primary School Teacher, Štítnik


09:45 Coffee Break

11:00 Non-Governmental Organisations’ Activities in Intercultural Education

Host: Mgr. Barbora Vaněk

PaedDr. Helena Štibelová, Primary School with nursery classes, Slanec

Darina Tökölyová, Civic Organisation eMklub, Kremnica

Kazimi Tatiana, Nursery School, Rokycany 40, Bajerov


12:00 Lunch

Conference Language: Slovak, English

Please note that interpretation from English to Slovak and from Slovak to English will be provided.

International Conference Proceedings