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Slovak and Czech Regional Academy

Slovak and Czech Regional Academy Building Inclusive School Environments for All.
Diversity – Recognition – Equality

School year 2016/2017

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The Slovak and Czech Regional Academy: Building Inclusive School Environments for All. Diversity – Recognition – Equality (hereinafter Academy) carried out in the school 2016/2017 was a training programme dedicated to building a democratic and inclusive culture in primary schools in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. Its aim was to strengthen the competences of education professionals and community actors in the field of human rights education (hereinafter HRE), education for democratic citizenship (hereinafter EDC) and to encourage joint actions and partnerships of schools with NGOs. The Academy was a great opportunity for school leaders, teachers, and civil society organisations to learn practical tools and strategies on how to create more democratic and inclusive environments for all children through EDC and HRE. The Academy training model used a whole school approach to EDC/HRE which addresses multiple levels of EDC/HRE work, ranging from the individual teachers, the classroom, and the school climate to partnership with the community. A main goal of the training was to develop an action plan by each team and to implement it upon return. The action plan consisted of specific activities promoting EDC/HRE and was meant to outreach from the school environment to the local community. Discussion of the participating teams about the specific issues in the field of EDC/HRE in Slovak and Czech schools and local communities enabled them to plan the project activities based on the real school situation. The Academy was organized in co-operation with the European Wergeland Centre, Open Society Foundation.

The Academy was supported under the bilateral fund at national level within the Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway grants (EEA and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014 in the Slovak Republic).

Information leaflet – Academy 2016/2017
Programme – Academy 2016/2017

Project co-ordinator:
PhDr. Denisa Ďuranová